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Compatibility Joomla 3.x

License GNU/GPL v2 or later

J-Power Feedback is an easy to use extension for Multiple question Surveys, Reviews, Testimonials, Feedbacks. It allows users to add testimonials/reviews from the front-end (and backend) which can be enabled/disabled by the administrator, features like 5 Star Ratings The testimonials can be displayed on the front-end using a slider theme along with other provided five different themes.

How to Use :

  • Install Package.
  • Enable module through module manager and publish.
  • Add Testimonial form frontend


Features :

  • Show or Hide Feedback user Image.
  • Show or Hide Feedback Date.
  • Show or Hide Feedback Rating.
  • Increase Number of Column in Feedback.
  • Increase or Decrease number of character in feedback.
  • Enable or Disable Read more button.
  • Enable or Disable view all testimonial.
  • Show feedback in slider or normal.
  • Configure setting for module like Font style,text alignment,border color,color margin,padding,font size and so on.
  • Show Feedback in any position on your webpage.
  • Easy to use and customization.
  • Fully Responsive and flexible.


Important, For more information, documentation and support, please visit at Joomlaites

Configuration screenshot for J Power Feedback .

Five different theme in J Power Feedback .